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23 hours ago
Supplement Guide Ergogenics - neulife.com

Ergogenics are the supplement equivalent of a turbocharger for your vehicle. They’re the ones which can take your physical performance from good, to a level which can only be called “Whoa!”. ... See more

Ergogenics are the supplement equivalent of a turbocharger for your vehicle. They’re the ones which can take your physical performance from good, to a level which can only be called “Whoa!” ... See more

1 day ago
Protein Pacing + Calorie restriction diet more effective for weight loss and maintainence - neulife.com

What's the best dietary intervention to lose fat and maintain it? According to study published in Nutrients journal, a calorie restricted diet combined with protein pacing (~30% of calories, divided ... See more

Dietary interventions are a necessity to bring about favourable changes in the body composition....

2 days ago
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Introducing the New Nutrovea DAILY MULTI 132s Value Pack. Now insure your health at just Rs 9/day!
Shop at https://neulife.com/buy/product/1231/nutrovea-daily-multi
#teamneulife #nutrovea ... See more

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Choosing the best electronic nebulizer online

If you are planning to buy a nebulizer online, you will get plenty of options to choose from. In fact, if lucky, you can get quality products from ongoing nebulizer sales in various websites selling medical equipment.

Some online portals conduct regular discount offers on medical equipment, and nebulizer sale is one very popular sale with online buyers. Here are some crucial tips on purchasing an electronic nebulizer for you at affordable rates which will sustain you for longterm period

1. The kind of nebulizer

hdhjd874Before you set out on selecting the nebulizer, understand what kind you need. As you know, a nebulizer is used for providing relief to patients with asthma and other COPD-related symptoms. Someone who no longer needs to be inhaled medication will always want to sell off his medical equipment with the intention of recovering the investment he made on the nebulizer. This is when they put them up for sale in online nebulizer sale section. If you get hold of these used nebulizers, which match your needs, then you are in for a good deal.

There are different kinds and models of nebulizers sold online, designed for specific breathing treatments. So, the price is not the only criteria you should be looking into when buying.

2. The type of model

When searching online, look for a seller who sells the models that you need. For some ailments, jet nebulizers are used, whereas, for others, doctors may prescribe ultrasonic nebulizers. You may check sites like MedUsed.com, eBay, Kijiji and other Web sources.

3. The price

When there is a price listed for the used nebulizer, you may try bargaining a little further. As most of the sellers quote a price higher than what they expect to get, they will cut the asking price without much of an argument.

4. The cleaning procedures

hdd874However, no matter what the seller says about the hygiene of his products, it is always advisable to clean the nebulizer thoroughly before use. If you are not aware of the cleaning procedures, speak to the product manufacturer for maintenance instructions. The basic process is to clean the cup, mask and tubes in vinegar and water solution to sanitize them before use.

Always read all user and buyer agreements carefully before making an online purchase for a nebulizer. This is because many sales agents who work online do not guarantee the electronics products that they sell.

Tips For Buying The Right Exercise Bike For Your Fitness Goals

Aside from monitoring your food intake, regular exercise is also a sure way to achieve your fitness goals. With this, you might want to consider investing in an exercise bike which can be bought online. But when shopping around, make sure that you check the size, resistance, feedback mechanisms, and the warranty provided.


This equipment doesn’t offer a one size fits all solution. It is crucial to make sure that the one you choose fits you and the space you have. A tall person may end up buying a different bike than a smaller person, depending on the size adjustments possible. In addition to your height, make sure your cardio bike is appropriate for your weight. If you live in a small apartment, an upright bike may work better for your space, but that also depends on your fitness goals and other health issues.



Choose the resistance that best fits your fitness goals. Manually adjustable direct tension offers resistance as you pedal against the airflow of a fan. Magnetic resistance is the most sophisticated as it creates and tracks the amount of resistance, providing a more variable cardiovascular workout.

Feedback Mechanisms

Choose a style with a monitor that displays the speed you’re traveling, the distance you’ve gone, your heart rate, pulse, fat, and calories burnt, and other information relating to your body’s performance.


Different brands and models offer different warranties, so look for one with adequate assurance that suits your need and budget. Typical warranties range from ninety days to a lifetime and often include individual parts and labor. For example, the frame may have a lifetime warranty, but the parts and labor for repair may only last six months.

By keeping this information in mind when buying an exercise bike, you should be able to make an investment that will improve your cardio fitness for a lifetime.

The Advantages Of Exercise Bikes

hjdjhd874Since they take up minimal space, you can work out almost anywhere in your home. You can pedal away in the comfort and safety of home while you watch your favorite television show, read a book, look at your children play, or enjoy any other contained activity. You won’t be at the mercy of the weather with this piece of fitness equipment.

Also, you won’t have to worry about the dangers of riding a bike outdoors, including a lack of bike lanes, sidewalks, or other safe places to ride. Exercise bikes offer you less worry as you won’t have to dodge traffic or fear a driver not seeing you. Whether you are a bodybuilder or you simply want to lose weight, this particular equipment will be very useful. All of these reasons, along with the great fitness benefit will provide you with the best cardiovascular workout while keeping you safe.