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11 hours ago
Want More Muscle? Take whey protein in every meal

#SuppTip: Want More Muscle? Take whey protein in every meal.
Researchers found that Muscle Growth was 30-45% greater when whey protein was distributed evenly in each meal.
#teamneulife #protein #whey

The researchers at the University of Illinois prepared 2 diets with the same composition but differing only in the type of protein food source and meal distribution...

1 day ago

#ProBiceps by @teamPROCEL. In action @shreddedRajesh

2 days ago

We are ready! THE NEULIFE STORE, Panipat opens in an hour from 1 pm onwards. Meet Neulife/PROCEL Athlete Rajesh Yadav

Address - The Neulife Store, Ram Sharnam Road, Model Town, Near Fitking Raman ... See more

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Tips on how to pass a drug test


Many people use illegal drugs due to various reasons. For some, they use this as an easy way out especially when dealing with problems whether it be at home or work. Some individuals find it quite hard to cope up with depressing moments in their lives; this is why they opt to use substances such as marijuana, meth, and other illegal drugs that can somehow make them feel good and forget about the problems that they have.

However, using drugs has a lot of effects. Once you get addicted, you will be craving for it every day. In short, you will become dependent on it that you can no longer function without it in your system. This may push you to do unlawful things just to satisfy your cravings for illegal drugs.

Drug testing

hdhdhd74Drug tests are usually done in workplaces to ensure that all employees are not using prohibited drugs. Such tests may require samples of your blood, hair, saliva, or urine. But most of the time, urine drug testing is commonly used because it is very easy to conduct.

But what if you have been using drugs lately? Take note that if you failed a drug test, you won’t get hired in case you are applying for employment. If you are already employed, getting a positive result on a drug test could mean you will get fired and lose your job.

Here are some great ways to pass a drug test;

Cleanse your system

One of the best ways to pass a drug test is to cleanse your system. The length of time will depend on the type of drugs that you used as well as the frequency of usage. Cleansing can be done naturally simply by eating healthy foods and working out. But take note that this may take you a few weeks before you can completely flush out the toxins from your body.

Aside from a good diet and regular exercise, you should also drink plenty of water. You can drink lemon juice and tea too.

Use Whizzinator

hgdhdhd74What is Whizzinator? This is a product that can be utilized to defeat a drug test particularly one that requires a urine sample. There are versions for males as well as females. The kit consists of fake male and female sex organs, urine, syringe, and also a heater.

You are probably wondering, ‘where can I buy the Whizzinator?’ Check it out online. You also need to read the reviews and find out more about how this particular product works.

Choosing the best electronic nebulizer online

If you are planning to buy a nebulizer online, you will get plenty of options to choose from. In fact, if lucky, you can get quality products from ongoing nebulizer sales in various websites selling medical equipment.

Some online portals conduct regular discount offers on medical equipment, and nebulizer sale is one very popular sale with online buyers. Here are some crucial tips on purchasing an electronic nebulizer for you at affordable rates which will sustain you for longterm period

1. The kind of nebulizer

hdhjd874Before you set out on selecting the nebulizer, understand what kind you need. As you know, a nebulizer is used for providing relief to patients with asthma and other COPD-related symptoms. Someone who no longer needs to be inhaled medication will always want to sell off his medical equipment with the intention of recovering the investment he made on the nebulizer. This is when they put them up for sale in online nebulizer sale section. If you get hold of these used nebulizers, which match your needs, then you are in for a good deal.

There are different kinds and models of nebulizers sold online, designed for specific breathing treatments. So, the price is not the only criteria you should be looking into when buying.

2. The type of model

When searching online, look for a seller who sells the models that you need. For some ailments, jet nebulizers are used, whereas, for others, doctors may prescribe ultrasonic nebulizers. You may check sites like MedUsed.com, eBay, Kijiji and other Web sources.

3. The price

When there is a price listed for the used nebulizer, you may try bargaining a little further. As most of the sellers quote a price higher than what they expect to get, they will cut the asking price without much of an argument.

4. The cleaning procedures

hdd874However, no matter what the seller says about the hygiene of his products, it is always advisable to clean the nebulizer thoroughly before use. If you are not aware of the cleaning procedures, speak to the product manufacturer for maintenance instructions. The basic process is to clean the cup, mask and tubes in vinegar and water solution to sanitize them before use.

Always read all user and buyer agreements carefully before making an online purchase for a nebulizer. This is because many sales agents who work online do not guarantee the electronics products that they sell.

Exercise bike – A great investment in achieving your fitness goals


Cycling is an excellent form of sports as well as exercise. You can make use of a traditional bicycle, or you can also utilize a so-called exercise bike, which is a stationary piece of equipment that is used for working out in the gym and even at home. If you are determined and serious about getting back in shape, then this item would definitely be a great investment in achieving your fitness goals.

Why buy an exercise bike?

hjdjhd874For anyone who is aiming to be successful in an exercise program, he should find something, particularly an exercise equipment, that he knows for a fact he would enjoy using. Also, the ease of use needs to be considered. With this, a stationary bike is perfect. Everyone knows how to ride a bike and pedal away. If you are a beginner, this particular equipment is suitable for you to start with. You can always move up to the next level somewhere down the road once you are already confident enough in working out.

So, why do you need to buy an exercise bike? What are the benefits of using one? Read on and learn more.

You can use it anytime

Having a stationary bicycle in your home is advantageous. Why? Because you can use it anytime. You can break a sweat out using this device while you are watching TV or listening to the radio. You can work out in the morning, after lunch, or even when it’s already dark outside. So, just imagine the number of calories that you can burn on a daily basis if you have your own exercise bike. It would be very convenient to have one.

Helps improve your cardiovascular system

Out of all the many benefits of using an exercise bike, improving your cardiovascular system is probably the biggest advantage. Aside from it can help you achieve the figure that you have always wanted, it also aids in ensuring that your heart is healthy. Hence you will be able to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Builds strength and muscle tone

hjhjd874Some people think that only the legs are being worked on when riding a bike. But if you take a closer look, it actually involves almost all your body parts; legs, arms, and hands. And with this, you will be able to build more strength.

In a nutshell, cycling is a well-rounded form of working out. Therefore, it would be a smart decision to get one for yourself. You can purchase an exercise bike online or from any sports and fitness shops.