TERRA LAURA: When a dream comes true

Some years ago, Laura was one of those executive women travelling around the world for an international food company. Laura grew up in Imperia, Italy, where for three generations, her family made extra virgin olive oil. She had studied food science in Milan and started a career in foodservice. In daily contact with the professional Italian gastronomy chefs, she decided to educate her palate by attended evening school and becoming a wine waiter. To join her French husband, she moved to Switzerland, taking an international position in foodservice. Expecting her second baby, and feeling the typical guilt of not spending enough time with her first, life was an International whirlwind mix of countries and languages; French (living in Switzerland), Italian (her mother tongue)…and Portuguese (the Brazilian nanny). Was it pre-baby blues, an almost-forty existential crisis, the effect of jet lag or just a sudden insight and her passion for wine…?  She thought:” I will become a wine grower!” One can say the ground was favorable. It took Laura less than a year to make her dream happen… Terra Laura First, she established the main criteria to select the desired property: a top quality AOC wine in a well-known region, a professional team of experts to help her manage the transition, a potential to develop the sales at the location and abroad, and last but not least, a budget at the level of her savings! Half pregnant, Laura spent her free time travelling in Italy and France, visiting properties, tasting wines, meeting people and making business plans. At the end of 2006, her determination was rewarded. Laura felt in love with Domaine de Montcy. Not only was she able to identify herself with the wine, to feel at home in this fantastic region of Loire Valley, to establish extremely good relationships with the former owner and his team, additionally, the property was ready to be converted to organic.  There was potential to develop oenotourism at Cheverny (996 inhabitants and a list of 28 Renaissance castles!) and all the sales were made to French restaurants and wines shops. Next step for Laura was to convince the banks to support her project, to find a house and move the family. In the meantime, she gave her resignation, her husband found a job close by and…off we go! The deal was signed on September 7,2007 and Laura started her first harvest 5 days later. TERRA LAURA was born! The vineyard, about 20 hectares of clayey, siliceous and chalky soil, is worked with a lot of care, following the rules of organic agriculture. The grape bunches, in perfect conditions are mostly harvested by hand and the wine is produced in our well-equipped cellar.  The wine-making is natural without any artificial additives and the wines reflect the soil and the climate of the year.